Frequently Asked Questions

Since its humble beginnings, Oorah has developed into a multifaceted nonprofit organization offering social, educational, and religious services to thousands of Jewish families and individuals throughout the world. We personalize our programs to fit your individual needs, creating multiple spaces where you can explore your Jewish identity and make it more personal, relevant and meaningful.

When Oorah sees a need, they do their best to fill it! We recognized the unique challenges faced by students during their gap year in Israel and created the Shteigers program to provide a holistic support system, ensuring that each student's spiritual, educational, and personal needs are met, facilitating a year full of growth and enrichment.

Shteigers is an enriching program that runs alongside  your yeshiva or seminary. While you’re spending a year in the Holy Land, learning and soaking in everything you can, we’ll be there to enhance your year and support you  in every way, big and small. From financial aid to help with Shabbos plans, we’ve got you covered! Your adventure begins with a dynamic 2-week summer program at DiscoverU, designed to prepare you for the year ahead. Once you arrive in Israel, we’ll set you up with a personal mentor and a range of other supportive services tailored to make your year both fulfilling and memorable.

The name 'Shteigers' is derived from a Yiddish term that signifies growth, embodying the program's core mission to nurture and elevate each participant's personal and spiritual development. At Oorah, we shteig!

We warmly welcome all growth-minded students who are dedicating a gap year to study in Israel and are looking for a real and enriching experience. 

No problem! The Shteigers team can assist with finding the perfect fit that aligns with both your educational and spiritual aspirations.

Our program is structured to maximize every step of your experience. First you’ll spend a fun two weeks at our DiscoverU summer program prepping for Israel, meeting new friends, and learning how to make the most of your upcoming year. The program lays the groundwork for a transformative year in Israel, offering practical learning skills, a glimpse of Jerusalem's vibrant spirit, and a supportive community. Then, after you land in Israel, we’ll continue to arrange ShabbaZones, host weekly ChillZones, and even set each of you up with a personal TorahMate to help you acclimate.

You’ll receive $2,500 after attending DiscoverU and an additional  $2,500 as you learn with your TorahMate throughout the year, all paid directly to the school. Additional stipends available are listed in the financial aid schedule. 

Certainly! Shteigers is open to anyone looking to grow in Judaism and is designed to foster growth at all stages.

After you land in Israel, all participants will be set up with a personal TorahMate for 30-minute weekly learning sessions on the topic of your choice. Experience the beauty of an authentically Jewish family firsthand and join your mentor’s family for a Shabbos meal or even a full Shabbos experience at intervals throughout the year.

It’s not mandatory, but don’t miss out on the pizza, learning, good times, stipend and more! ChillZone is a Motzaei Shabbos (Saturday night) program that provides a great boost to your spiritual growth. It involves real Beit Midrash learning with fun activities for the guys, and a fantastic program for the girls, run by warm and relatable mentors. We'd love to see you there each week! Those who participate 3 out of 4 weeks in a month will receive an additional $125 stipend for spending money.

Shteigers participants are enrolled in a diverse array of yeshivos and seminaries across Israel, ensuring a wide range of learning environments and opportunities to suit each student's unique path.

The Shteigers program is orchestrated by a dedicated and passionate team, committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for every participant.

Of course! Shteigers is not just about financial support; it's an all-encompassing program designed to enhance your entire Israel experience and includes supportive programs like DiscoverU, ChillZone, TorahMates, and more. While we do offer substantial financial aid to ease your year, remember that this is just one facet of the diverse experience that Shteigers offers.